World 2015

The Big Swing

1. Don’t bring me down
2. Dance on your knees
3. Things are falling
4. We’ll get together
5. Again
6. The pain is mine
7. Don’t fly so high
8. Say what you want
9. Away
10. You’ll be gone

line up:

alessio trapella: lead vocals, bass
alex de rosso: guitars, backing vocals
roby artuso: drums

produced by alex de rosso
mixed by alex de rosso @ the cube
mastered by alex de rosso @ the cube

related links: www.thebigswing.net




Fuel records-self / europe 2008
Bickee music-happinet / japan 2009

King Of Balance

1. Girl Goodbye
2. Rosanna
3. Caught In The Balance
4. Stop Loving You
5. Hydra
6. I Will Remeber
7. White Sister
8. Don’t Chain My Heart
9. Lion
10. Home Of The Brave
11. I’ll Be Over You
12. Angel Don’t Cry
13. Pamela
14. Hold The Line

line up:

roberto tiranti (labyrinth, headrush): vocals
alex de rosso (derosso, headrush, dokken): guitars and vocals
robby galli (spagna, umberto tozzi): bass
bob parolin (derosso): drums
pietro taucher (sharrie williams & the wiseguys): keyboards

special guests:

timothy drury (whitesnake, the eagles)
stef burns (vasco rossi, huey lewis & the news)
michael t.ross (hardline, angel)
michele luppi (vision divine)
dave rodgers
andrea de paoli (labyrinth)
alessandro del vecchio (moonstone)
claudio tarantola (spagna)
sergio cossu (matia bazar)

produced by alex de rosso
mixed by alex de rosso @ the cube
mastered by alex de rosso @ the cube

fuel records-self / europe
bickee music-happinet / japan

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2011 Pushking records/EAR music (edel)


Konstantin “KOHA” Shustarev – vocal, guitars
Oleg “IVANICH” Bondaletov – keyboards
Dmitriy “MITYA” Losev – guitars
Alex De Rosso – guitars
Fabrizio Grossi – bass
Tony Morra – drums

Alice Cooper, Paul Stanley (KISS),
Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Steve Lukather (TOTO), Steve Vai,
Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme), Steve Stevens (Billy Idol),
Eric Martin (Mr. Big), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple),
Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple, Rainbow), John Lawton (Uriah Heep), Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, MSG, Alcatrazz), Dan McCafferty (Nazareth), Jeff Scott Soto (Journey),
Udo Dirkschneider (Accept, U.D.O.), Jorn Lande,
Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper), Joe Bonamassa, Stevie Salas,
Al Perkins, Tony Paoletta.

produced by Fabrizio Grossi

related links: www.pushking.eu




2011 Scarlet records/E1 distribution


1. Another chance
2. There’s still hope
3. Let it end this way
4. World keeps falling down
5. Even if
6. Hold on
7. Take you away
8. Somewhere in your heart
9. That’s what happened to us
10. Faith-Anne
11. When it rains

Giancarlo Floridia – vocals, guitars
Fabrizio Grossi – bass
Alex De Rosso – guitars
Tony Morra – drums

produced by Fabrizio Grossi

related links: www.faithsedgemusic.com




Frontiers Records 2005
King Records 2005


1. My world
2. Not just anyone
3. Fooling myself again
4. Ordinary man
5. All in a crime
6. What’s yours is mine…
7. Catch 22
8. Silence
9. Young
10. Change my life
11. Get off the dime
12. ‘til I know

roberto tiranti @ vocals
alex de rosso @ guitars, vocals
mauro catellani @ bass
dave fini @ drums

produced & arranged by alex de rosso
recorded & mixed by alex de rosso @ the cube
digital editing & mastering by alex de rosso @ the cube

frontiers records / europe
king records / japan




Wild recordz /CDinzane 2009


1. Ms. Eurameric
2. Blinded By The Rain
3. Celebrate (feat. Ralf Scheepers)
4. Where Are You Running
5. Feel Alive (feat. Pamela Moore & Ralf Scheepers)
6. Someone Else
7. Moment Of Truth
8. Woman In Love
9. Light A Candle
10. Sent From Heaven
11. Dreams

Pamela Moore, Ralf Scheepers – Vocals
Alex De Rosso – Guitar
Eric Ragno – Keyboards
Tim Harris, Fabrizio Grossi, Rob De Luca – Bass
Zane Petersen – Drums




Frontiers Records 2004

Shadows Fade

featuring kevin chalfant

1. Twisted Again
2. Sooner Or Later
3. Run To Me
4. My Ocean
5. First Love Song
6. Without You
7. Give It In
8. Masquerade
9. I Won’t Look Back
10. Now That You’re Gone
11. Speak

kevin chalfant @ vocals
alex derosso @ guitars, bass, programming, keyboards & vocals

produced & arranged by alex derosso
all vocal production by kevin chalfant
executive producer: serafino perugino
recirded and mixed by alex derosso @ the cube
digital editing e mastering by alex derosso @ the cube




Frontiers Records 2003


featuring joseph williams, former singer of TOTO


1. I’ll Never Let You Go
2. Not Enough Hours In The Night
3. I Don’t Want to Go
4. When it Doesn’t Matter
5. Vertigo
6. Sarah
7. China Sky
8. I Want To Be Wanted
9. Love Is Blind
10. Straight To Your Heart
11. More Than Enough

joseph williams @ lead and back-ground vocals
francis benitez @ back-ground vocals
fabrizio v.zee grossi @ bass, rhythm guitars, keyboards, samples, loops and drum programming
alex de rosso @ lead guitars
biggs brice @ live and roland drums
jm scattolin @ additional guitars

produced & arranged by fabrizio v.zee grossi

recorded, mixed, and edited by fabrizio v.zee grossi @ noize factor (canyon country, california)

mastered by marco marinangeli @ compression records studio (hollywood, california)




Frontiers Records 2003

Perfect World

featuring kelly hansen former singer of  HURRICANE


1. Here With Me
2. Leaving Lonely
3. Just Like A Pill
4. I Believe In You
5. Between You And Me
6. Out Of Bounds
7. You’ll Be Gone
8. Someday Soon
9. Do You Love
10.I Need You
11. Overnight Sensation
12. Broken

kelly hansen @ lead and back-ground vocals
fabrizio v.zee grossi @ bass, additional guitars, keyboards, samples, loops and drum programming
jim scattolin @ acoustic and electric guitars
alex de rosso @ lead guitars
biggs brice @ live and roland drums
adam forgione @ piano and additional keys
recorded at the noize factor (canyon country, california), castle oaks (calabasas, california), and the tense tenor studions (lake balboa, california) by fabrizio v.zee grossi and kelly hansen

mixed by fabrizio v.zee grossi at the noize factor (canyon country, california)

pro-tools works and digital editing by fabrizio v.zee grossi

mastered by marco marinangeli @ compression records studio (hollywood, california)




Level’s Productions   2002

Guitarchef Volume 1

1. Nobody is perfect
2. Dig the insane
3. Fuzzy boy
4. Desert rose

Produced by Associazione Musicale John Lennon and GuitarChef .

all songs written by derosso, stravato , saluto & cafissi .
performances by :
alex derosso – nobody is perfect
william stravato – dig the insane
steve saluto – fuzzy boy
matt cafissi – desert rose

mastered by steve saluto at level’s studios.






Guitar Masters 2

Michele Luppi




Steve Saluto

Steve Saluto

La Rox




Serena Rock Band

Serena Rock Band

Alvise Bortolini